The Bohemian Gallery & Museum of Contemporary Art

BG MOCA MVD is a full-service, visual-arts exhibition-center, established to increase the visibility of world-historic art, at levels of international museum quality –in Uruguay- while also sponsoring exhibitions of contemporary and historic art from Uruguay and Latin America, themselves. The museum’s main objectives are to introduce world-class shows of fine art to Montevideo, in a public context; and to create forums for interchange, “dialogues”, if you will, between national and international artists, capturing synergies that, in many cases, may be curatorial firsts for the Uruguayan capital.

In the last 30 years, the Contemporary Art World has shed many of its parochial attempts of the past to categorize progressive art by nation or ethnic backgrounding. This now obsolete model has given way to a "new parent” amazing and wonderful: artists now thrive, in real-time, involved and interacting with peers, the world over, regardless of place or time zone.

Furthermore, historical art exhibitions –first-level– have attracted and continue to attract the interest of a global mass audience expressing an increasingly delicate sensibilities. Such ‘blockbuster’ exhibitions have, perhaps unsurprisingly, strengthened fine art’s ‘practical’ prestige, as they acquire a category of "investment" among millionaires and billionaires the world over. For example, fine art is in the ‘infancy’ of its newly being indexed by financial firms, over the last ten years, sometimes becoming the very assets of the investment fund. Finally, goes without saying that wealthy patrons from six continents have begun to consider the works of art from the perspective of a "must-have” cultural and philanthropic obligation.

The visual arts now enjoy an audience in North America and Europe, ¡larger even than the fans of professional sports teams in those countries! The globalization of the world, via the Internet, has given collectors of every stripe the ability to both plan visits to foreign exhibitions and galleries, as well as to collect, substantially – and in any genre, in a way that was once the privilege of specialists, connoisseurs, old-money barons, and patricians.

Uruguay, known elsewhere as the “Switzerland of South America", is keenly poised, by dint of its wealth and stability, to create a larger voice for our artists; and, with BG MOCA MVD calendar of masterwork exhibitions, to create aesthetic exchange between Uruguayan and international talent. The strength of our patrimony’s art deserves to be paired and compared with historic art, and now Montevideo will have another curatorial channel for internationalism in the bigger art-world – with "exhibiting sensitivity” for artists of our own country.

In addition, BGMOCA MVD will comprise a private section within its public spaces, to offer local and foreign collectors the opportunity to acquire fine art, championing the national, continental and global art scenes, richer and more vital than ever before.

Even as we stand in respect and awe vis-à-vis our towering cultural neighbors, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, etc., our "supply” not simplistic, and with comparatively less publicity, and we are able to take their place and link up with contemporary art from all continents – all in very high aesthetic level. Furthermore, we predict that international artworks made by MVD BGMOCA motivate our people to "see” beyond our borders, while at the same time affording us the chance to compare, contrast, and interrelate historic, ‘blue chip’ material of the nations with the fine arts of Uruguay’s past and present.

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